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Unlock your child’s potential

This program aims to integrate the Montessori approach and traditional practices to tap the young child’s reading potential. With fact and fiction books as a jump-off point for each lesson, the child will advance their reading skills. With continued interest, the child can develop an avid zest for independent reading.

Why Us?

What Makes Our Programs Different
Exciting books and stories
Active never a dull moment
Small & mixed age groups
Integrated concepts across disciplines
Purposeful materials to enhance learning
Interactive exchange of ideas
Individualized lesson plans

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It all starts with a good book. Whether your child is 3 or 6, developing the love for reading can start anytime. Enroll for the Reading Milestones Program and begin cultivating your child’s lifelong love for reading & learning!

Our Programs

We offer programs seasonally to fit your schedule


Autumn Adventures


Winter WonderTales


Hopping Hare & Other Stories


Reading Camp & Theater
“Our work is not to teach, but to help the absorbent mind in its work of development.”
Maria Montessori

The Absorbent Mind

About Us

Myla Tanedo is a certified All Day Preschool teacher at Creative World Montessori. Her passion for reading children’s books was embedded from her previous work experience at the Orland Park Public library giving workshops in the Culture Club. She has taught for 15 years and enjoys doing fun things with her lessons. In summer of 2006, she taught gifted Leapfrog students (pre-k) at the The Center for Talent Development at Northwestern University.


We offer programs to suit your child’s needs

Sound Enrichment

Every reader begins with sounding out letters. This program specifically geared to enhance child’s knowledge of beginning sounds and letter recognition. Letter sounds retention will be reinforced through manipulation of concrete materials and stimulating group activities that your child will truly enjoy!

Word Builder

For your child who has an ample knowledge of all the sounds and can put sounds of letters together, we will build words together starting with short vowel words. We will combine short vowel and consonant sounds to make word families. This stage will prepare your child to be an emergent reader.

Emergent Reader

For the beginning reader who wants to gain confidence in reading short vowel words in a sentence. Your child will do activities to learn sight words, reconstruct mixed up sentences and read words with blends and digraphs.

Confident Reader

This program is for children who can read confidently and is ready to take on the challenge of extending the written text into a new concept. With opportunities to read in front a group, we may re-enact some story lines, do puppet shows,  and answer reading comprehension questions.

“My son likes it and says, ‘YES’ when I say its reading today.”

-Mrs. Hindy


“Best thing that ever happened to my child!”

-Mrs. Noonan

“She loves to read the small book, she puts it by her bedside!”

-Mrs. Tuerk

“My daughter loves doing your program! “ “She loves every minute of it”

– R. Lundeen




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